Der Metal-Kalender für 2017!   Der Metal-Kalender für 2017!

The Heavy - Metal - calendar 2017

The Idea - Why a calendar ?

The origins of Heavy Metal are coming from bands such as Deep Purple, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, etc… Arisen from these are band like Metallica, AC/DC, Guns’n Roses and many others. These bands have been awarded many times in a way many coequal bands can only dream of. There are many band in our country a lot of them top-class. Pure idealism drives the bands to go on, even though the earnings are in a bad ratio with the expenditures. There are only very few CD contracts. The production of a CD at a professional level is very costly. However the quality is an evident sales factor. The success of the sound carriers produced by Charlie Bauerfeind is a very good indication for this. Tours are expensive and stressful. A room in a hotel is not always affordable. Often the annual leave is used for tours. This is or was the life of many musicians. We do not complain as nobody has forced to become a musician. It is more about the recognition of the musicians.
In other domains there are the “Echo”, the “Bambi” and numerous other awards. However who will award the real “Metals” for the musical joy they are presenting ? Which kind of music transfers as much positive lust for life as Metal? The only other genre I can imagine is folk music.
My love is Metal, my passion is photographing. My aim is to leave a footprint in the world with my project and to present joy to others together with charity.
However how can one get Metal, Photography and Charity together? At least this is very simple. With a Calendar! The Metal calendar from LIVE-LIFE-LOUD. It is the passion of photography and Heavy Metal that resulted in the calendar idea. With this calendar I want to create something unique in the field of hard music and in cooperation with fans and musicians.
The calendar is supposed to be a homage and recognition to the musicians who succeeded in creating great songs on their own and who brought daily joy to their fans. Something like a “Walk of Fame” for the living room wall. Here you find well known Hard’n Heavy musicians as well as talented newcomers. A little recognition for the struggle to the top.
Talking of Metal or Hard’n Heavy I mean all genres of “hard music”. I do not like to pin borders which make no sense. There are more than enough senseless borders in the world. Tolerance, respect and solidarity make Metal to what it is. Unique and adorable. And I hope it will remain this way.

The Motto

The Concept - Which musical genres should take part?

All genres of the Hard’n Heavy area. Eventually there can be a surprising guest. When I am talking about Heavy Metal or Hard’n Heavy, then this means all the various directions (Trash, Speed, Gothic, Melodic, Hardrock,…) there ca also be a Deutschrocker

What is the realization of the calendar depending on?

At first on the musicians and on myself. At second on you as being fan and who might buy the calendar. The calendar is funded through the revenue plus evtl. Additional funding by myself. Sponsors will not be involved. Only in this way the project remains independent.

How will the calendar be distributed ?

The first idea was to distribute the calendar through existing sales ways. By this awy too many people would be involved asking for participation and profit. Fear is that too many cooks would spoil the broth. Too much influence would create obstruction an could at the end stop the whole project,. The strategy for distribution is mouth to mouth promotion in and in the singularity of the object. Every cooperating musician is also godfather of the project and interested to bring it to the public. They will announce it in their home pages and in Facebook. LIVE-LIFE-LOUD has also an own Facebook account. The distribution area is extended this way.
If you find the web page the strategy is working and I hope that you like the concept and you might probably buy a calendar. You can obtain up to date information about the project on Aktuelle News Here you find information about the musicians taking part and why these musicians have been selected. Statement of these musicians. Pictures of the photo shooting, introsuction to the project …..

How will the calendar be sold?

The calendar will be sold as of 01.12.2015. Until the we will have to do a lot on promotion. The solely be sold by the online shop of ShopThe order for a calendar can be cancelled within 14 days by email to
The sale through the online shop begins on 01.09.2016. Every one has an equal chance to buy one. Nobody will be preferred.
The order number depends on the sequence of incoming orders. It is also the calendar number. It will then be a bit like a surprise for the customer to see who is selected at the end. The sale ends on 31.10.2016.

How much will the calendar cost?

The price is 150,-- €/piece plus p&p. This is a fair amount of money. However you will receive a fair value for the money (unique edition, signed by hand, lottery ticket for “Aktion Mensch”, Certificate, Meet and Greet) … and it is a gift for charity. The calendar will never loose his value. Imagine Lemmy or Ronnie James Dio had signed the calender.

How is the 25 % revenue spent?

Currently I think about different possibilities. There is still a lot of clarification. The most obvious thing is to pass the money to promising young musicians, so that they have the opportunity to record their first CD on a high qualitative level. If this fails, the money will in any case be donated to a charitable purpose (children) (eg child support, children in need, ...). The aim is to promote young people. In any case, children will benefit. I guarantee that. They are our future and also that of music. Therefore, the calendar is to sell a high but moderate selling price. You will find more information on this on the homepage after completion of the calendar. A decision regarding the award of the proceeds will be made no later than 31.08.2017 and communicated on the homepage.

Why starting now even not knowing who will benefit from the revenue?

First aim is the production of the calendar. This is why I do not want to wait longer to realize it The opportunity to do something good with the money is a positive side effect. It needs much planning, time and cooperators you can rely on to bring life into a project. If none of the intended is working the revenue will be donated to a social organisation such as Kinderkrebshilfe. Children will then benefit from the money. They are our future and the future of music.

Wie kann ich sicher sein, dass die Teilerlöse dementsprechend verwendet werden?

The musicians are as mentioned above godfathers for the LIVE-LIFE-LOUD calendar 2017. By this reason they have the chance to check how many calendars have been sold and how much money has been received. The project will be published an fed with latest news on the homepage. Public press (Online Magazin, Print Magazine) will be integrated.

How can I be sure that I am really unique and that only 200 calendars are in circulation?

The calendars are all numbered from 1 - 200. You will also receive a certificate for your calendar. Since the calendars are sold in sequence (from 1 to 200 upwards), you can always keep track of how many are left or if they are all sold.

I still have questions about this project ....

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