Der Metal-Kalender für 2017!   Der Metal-Kalender für 2017!

The Heavy - Metal - calendar 2017

About me…and being „Metal“

Stephan König I am Stephan König “Crown” and with my 42 years I am in my prime-age. I am living in beautiful eastern Westphalia. People say that Westphalian people are bull headed and shy. The first I can confirm for myself the second not. If something has settled in my head like this project, then off we go…..
In 1987, at the innocent age of 13, I have been infected with Metal, when I got “Somewhere in Time” by Iron Maiden in my hands by accident. This was my very first LP. I liked the loudness. There was nothing that could stop me. Like many of you I have grown up with “Helloween”, “Metallica” and “Guns and Roses”. Due to my age I did not listen to “Deep Purple”, “Led Zeppelin” and the other ancient Metal bands. I have never been dealing with their kind on music until today, but this can still change in future. I let my hair grow and somehow I was the only person who liked it. However I appeared to be the only Metal freak in my environment. I could not expect any kind of tolerance or acceptance, but I did not care. If you are Heavy, you are proud of it. When I announced my wish to by the right cowl, my parents offered me to be kicked out. Until today I did not understand why. A cowl would not make me a different person. OK, I confirm that I met my friends at the age of 16 at the bus stop to drink a lot of beer. Moped driving felt like even more freedom in those days. We felt very strong after two, three or more beers, like real men. Nowadays I don’t know why I did so, must be Metal feeling. My parents were probably right with respect to the cowl and my long hair, but why have the other also drunken so much beer? They were no Metals. But back to the cowl. The prohibition woke up my ambition. Fight Metal Fight. Suddenly it was there. At the age of 14 I trained myself in stitching. Soon and with bloody fingers I stitched “Running Wild” on my back.. Right below it I fixed the big Metallica sticker “Master of Puppets”. At the end I was allowed to remain where I was living and the Kick out was no more mentioned.
The day came when I had to realize that I could not rent the everlasting youth. My genes were responsible for the fact that I lost more and more hair and the visible skin area of my head became bigger. I do not want to list up all the vitamins, tablets and lotion that I tried out to stop nature. However the day came when it made no more sense to keep the remaining hair. So it had to leave. I cut the hair shorter and shorter until there was only skin visible. Since Wolf Hoffmann from “Accept” shaved his head this was no more taboo. Doro told me that because of my appearance she was not sure whether I am Metal or not. You are Metal in your heard. This was really true. Where ever you come from or how you look like, it is only important what is under your cowl. Everybody carries many colorful things inside. One of mine is black. I own all discs of Matthias Reim. Everyone has his own obsession.
Two years sitting at the bus stop drinking beer was enough. It became dull. I was attracted by photography and for some time I am a photo artist. ( I do not use the term “Photographer” because I have not completed an apprenticeship. It would be unfair to those who have. In this respect I am autodidact.
At some time it was not enough just to be Metal and I decided to become editorial journalist in the music scene. Why not meet the stars and why not combine this with photography? With this intention I began 6 years ago to work for the Heavy-Metal-Onlinemagazin which is successful in the web for more than 14 years and with more than 1 million readers per year. My topics are: concert photography, video interviews, video documentation (for ex. Viktor Smolski), studio reports (HDK, Ferdy Doernberg, LMO, David Reece,…). Heavy Metal has fascinated me since my youth and for all my life. Recognition to all artists who supported me. Now I started a new project in the musical scene which is presented to you on this web page.

LIVE-LIFE-LOUD - Der Metal-Calendar

LIVE-LIFE-LOUD is a request to all of you to be tolerant, to respect other people and to have fun. Don’t waste your time with adversity and activities without fun. Give your life sense. Our time span on this blue planet is too short anyway.

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"Pay for Play" - Bad habit which should not be ignored. ...

With my calendar project I want to bring the “Pay for Play” – “No Go” action to life. I do not want to blame anybody but I want to encourage musicians to say: “Not with me”. During the recent years a bad habit has established which is called “Pay to Play”. Musicians who want to play on stage are asked to pay for this. There is no space for such behavior in the area of Hard’ Heavy. A Metal is free and is not supposed to be put under pressure. This must not be supported. I have designed a logo for this action which can be downloaded free and utilized by everyone (Home page, T-shirts …etc.) .

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